Europe by Van locations GERMANY

Camper t6 mieten Mainz


Bulli t6 mieten Cologne


Surfvan t6 mieten Frankfurt


Camper t6 mieten Basel / Freiburg

Basel / Freiburg

Bulli t6 mieten Munich


Surfvan t6 mieten Hamburg


Camper t6 mieten Berlin


Bulli t6 mieten Dresden


Surfvan t6 mieten Stuttgart


Campervan hire Europe


For your next holiday you planned an exceptional holiday adventure?

And you would like to start this unforgettable travel experience without much effort from home? 


Let`s go... look at our campervan hire Europe, the renting locations in Germany and hire your
VW California camper in the city of your choice.


With their special ride comfort, the perfectly tuned functionality, and their stylish interior design,
our VW California camper are your perfect companion for your special and easy holiday experience.


You want to explore the North of Germany with its beautiful coastal scenery or go to Scandinavia or Eastern Europe?
It pulls you in the South to the warm, exotic countries beyond the Alps or to the West of Europe after France or the Netherlands? 


Through our numerous locations in Germany, you will find the perfect starting point for your holidaytrip. Our VW California camper are
classified into three categories, like that you can easily find the best vacation partner.


You are an enthusiastic water sportsman and want to easily explore the coasts next to Germany with its beautiful surf spots? 


Our Campervan hire Europe is the right Partner?


The whole equipe of Europe by Van at each of our locations in Germany will be pleased to let your unforgettable surfers dream come true.
Pack your surf equipment and meet us at the location of your choice. After a brief introduction to the technique of your VW T6 vans,
you can start your journey.  



Curious? We are looking forward to your request and are there for you with advice and assistance for your memorable travel adventure.